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The Robin Gottfried Band

Offering memorable song craftsmanship and recognizable vocals all brought together by soulful and interpretive playing makes the music from the Robin Gottfried band worth hearing again and again. 

The paradox of chops cultivated in New York City but nurtured within the beauty of Vermont offers listeners a full and enlivened experience of sound and emotion.

There is a strong individual identity derived from 11 released albums, yet hints of early Steely Dan, Little Feat, Joni Mitchell or The Beatles, to name a few, can’t be denied.

Veteran musicians, vocalist/bassist, Brad Sourdiffe, and drummer, Ian Koeller, invoke a vitality that resonates as sincere and infectious.

It’s clear Robin Gottfried and his band enjoy the music they make and the fellowship of the creative process!

Excerpts from some of their testimonials:

Their repertoire ranges from tasteful originals to fantastic covers that most bands don’t have the chops to perform. If you’re looking for a band that holds their own identity while pleasing everyone in the room the Robin Gottfried Band is for you.”

David Means
Member, Flynn Theater Programming Committee, Burlington, VT

Many folks can learn an instrument, study how to read music and play the many notes that comprise a tune. Yet experiencing the muse of Robin Gottfried takes this skill set and engages a particular magical intangible. Robin and the band have a certain undefinable cadence or ability to reach into the heart of a song and emote an unmistakable feeling of inclusion within an audience. From originals to choice cover songs this music leaves people joyous and refreshed in the sense that people are liberated to laugh, cry and feel again! Masterful and tight the Robin Gottfried experience can light up the darkest night!

Eric Koval
Manager/Owner, The Mad Taco/Double E, Essex Center, VT

“His complex and finely detailed arrangements waste not a single note or phrase. He’s somehow both flashy and efficient.”

“… Gottfried is the genuine article, plying his trade with a refreshing lack of irony and pretense. The latest example of the man’s songsmithing is his ninth album, Other Side of the Rain.

Dan Bolles
7 Days

Robin Gottfried remains one of the most dedicated, honest musicians and composers I know.  His songs are meticulously crafted, with a solid nod to the immersion and experience of both a master of his craft and an honest, open exposition of his own thoughts.

Peter Bruce Wilder